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StrapXPro is Affordable Indulgence with Exceptional Quality

Introducing the most innovative and sophisticated Seiko rubber strap for the Seiko Prospex Series. (Seiko 5 Sports GMT/SRPD, Seiko SKX Series, Seiko 62MAS reinterpretation, Seiko Samurai/Seiko King Samurai, and Seiko Monster). StrapXPro, loved by professional divers, enthusiasts, watch collectors, and everyone in between, is the result of several years of research and development.

Affordable with exceptional quality and brilliant engineering, this strap creates a revolutionary fusion of fashion and art.

StrapXPro is made with exquisite craftsmanship with immense attention to detail. Practical, stylish, and incredibly durable, this timepiece accessory can withstand the test of time.

The materials used to create this ingenious watch strap make it lightweight, highly functional, and hypoallergenic. With your comfort and style in mind, we created this piece that will suit every unique need, every occasion, and every ensemble.

Timeless, well-balanced, down-to-earth, simple, minimalist, yet full of character, StrapXPro provides a new kind of experience and offers a pop of joy for the watch wearer. 

StrapXPro aims to inspire uniqueness when it comes to the world of horology. More and more collectors and enthusiasts are altering their straps to make their timepieces personalized. It allows them to express their individuality.

The product color and silhouette are refined up to a dozen times before the design is finalized. StrapXPro adopts radical new materials together with the world’s best rubber injection technology innovators to create practical yet stylish designs using harmless materials.


Why Get StrapXPro?

You can freely showcase your unique personality with this revolutionary watch band without compromising aesthetic appeal, performance, or practicality. You can now personalize your Seiko Prospex watch and make it look distinct.

Changing your Seiko watch bands to StrapXPro is also a way to protect your investment. Save the original bracelet in case you have to sell the watch in the future or if you prefer to have it preserved and not exposed to unwanted particles and elements that can ruin its vigor and quality.

This vulcanized rubber strap is resistant to wear and tear. It is flexible, strong, and can handle varying temperatures. Its purity and sturdy construction make it a perfect partner for your luxury watches.

Commitment to Nature

StrapXPro has a strong and concrete commitment to reducing environmental impact. One of our missions is to respectfully achieve sustainable growth to protect Mother Earth.

Our research and development team is constantly researching global fashion trends and new materials and is continuously anticipating future fast-shifting expectations in lifestyles and needs.

We bring you the best-looking yet affordable rubber watch strap that you can rely on in terms of function and style.  rubber strap

Japan Formula material: RoHS & REACH-Certified

StrapXPro has a tailor-designed curved end that fits gaplessly with the New Seiko 5 Sports GMT/SRPD, Seiko SKX Series, Seiko 62MAS reinterpretation, Seiko Samurai/King Samurai, and Seiko Monster watches. It provides an ergonomic comfort fit ideal for office use, everyday use, outdoor adventures, and other recreational activities. 

The rubber straps are made of high-quality vulcanized rubber that is RoHS and REACH-certified. The rubber went through rigorous testing, fine-tuning, and optimization to ensure maximum performance.

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